Telugu Holy Bible and Songs Lyrics – Power Point Style Presentation Software

Please find the Telugu Songs Lyrics Software at  .

We need to install the VerseView software first from , and then import the downloaded Songs XML database to view the Songs Lyrics in this format .

We can even add our own songs, edit existing songs, and also change the background image. Songs presentation slides can also be controlled from a mobile phone web browser provided the PC/mobile are on the same wi-fi network.

If we want to install the Telugu Holy Bible in VerseView presentation software, we need to first install VerseView software from . After that, uninstall the latest Adobe AIR that was installed, and install again the Adobe AIR 3.9 from  .

Also, you might want to download the “VerseView” mobile iOS/Android application from your mobile phone app store. (Ads free Bible app which can be read offline without internet connection.)